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Memberhip Types:
  • Individual ($75) - Membership just for the individual person listed as the owner of the lot(s)
  • Family ($150) - Membership for the person listed as owner of the lot(s) plus their spouse and dependent children.
  • Non-Hunter ($50) - Membership for a lot owner that does not wish to hunt.  All privileges of individual membership except hunting.
Member Status:
  • Returning - Membership was current in the PREVIOUS season. i.e. For 2024-25 season, a returning member was a member in the 2023-24 season.
  • Lapsed - Previous member, but membership WAS NOT current in the previous season. i.e. For the 2024-25 season, a person that was a WMT member in 2022-23 (or earlier), but not in 2023-24 is a lapsed member.
  • New - Person that has never been a member of the WMT
Form Requirement:
  • Returning (non-lapsed) members that have notarized forms on file do not need to fill out new forms unless a change is necessary.   In that case, simply emailing completed membership forms or mailing them to the WMT PO Box is sufficient.  No notary needed on those updates.  Otherwise, just sending payment is enough.
  • New and lapsed members may use the PayPal form to submit payment, but forms must be notarized and mailed to the WMT PO Box or turned in at or before the July meeting.  Submitting payment will hold your spot, but you may not hunt until your notarized forms are received and on file.
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