Frequently Asked Questions


No. To hunt, trap, or otherwise take wildlife at Hilltop Lakes, you must be a member of the Wildlife Management Team (WMT) and be in good standing with the Hilltop Lakes POA and the WMT.
2005 was the initial TPWD study and formation. In 2014, the WMT was approved as an independent 501(c)(7) non-profit organization.
Membership is open to all property owners at Hilltop Lakes, Texas.
WMT annual dues are based on type of membership.

Individual - $75
Family - $150
Non-hunter - $50

You must also pay your Hilltop Lakes POA monthly maintenance fees. These are separate from the WMT and required of all property owners of Hilltop Lakes. While the WMT has no control or involvement in these fees, members are required to be in good standing with the Hilltop Lakes POA to maintain their WMT membership.
  • March 1st - Registration open for current members

  • March 31st - Common ground holders wishing to keep your spot

  • July WMT meeting - Every one else.

  • The only on site registration dates this year are the March WMT meeting and the July WMT meeting. All other registrations are by mail only.

  • No late registrations are accepted.

Returning (non-lapsed) members that have notarized forms on file do not need to fill out new forms unless a change is necessary. In that case, simply emailing completed membership forms or mailing them to the WMT PO Box is sufficient. No notary needed on those updates. Otherwise, just sending payment is enough.

New and lapsed members must fill the forms as described in the SignUp section. At a minimum: Team checklist, Team Rules, and Registration and Release forms are required. Others may be required depending on the specific member's case.
Forms can be mailed to:

Hilltop Lakes Wildlife Management Team
PO BOX 1737
Hilltop Lakes, Texas 77871

or brought to the March or July WMT meetings.
Yes. The PayPal form may be used to make a payment.

Current members can simply pay using that form as long as they have their notarized forms on file.

New and lapsed members may pay online, but must have their notarized forms on file before hunting. Paying online as a new member will hold your spot if you are up against the deadline until your forms are received. It is recommended new members go to the SignUp section instead of the direct pay link to ensure all forms are completed.
Members are required to attend at least one of three meetings each season. Members are encouraged to attend as many as possible to stay informed of current developments within the WMT.
WMT meetings are held the 3rd Saturday in March, July, and September at 1:00 p.m. Location TBA, but usually the Community Center, the Tonkawa Room, or the Cleaning Station.

  • Returning - Membership was current in the PREVIOUS season. i.e. For 2024-25 season, a returning member was a member in the 2023-24 season.

  • Lapsed - Previous member, but membership WAS NOT current in the previous season. i.e. For the 2024-25 season, a person that was a WMT member in 2022-23 (or earlier), but not in 2023-24 is a lapsed member.
  • New - Person that has never been a member of the WMT

No. Members hunt on their own property, properties which they have been given permission or assigned common ground areas.
Common ground spots are available to hunt on a limited basis. These spots are by assignment only and members must meet the requirements as defined in the Common Ground Procedure document and the WMT bylaws to be eligible for assignment. These files are available to download in the Resources section.
A member may obtain permission from another property owner to hunt on their property.

If that property is owned by a current WMT member, then that agreement is between those members and nothing else is needed by the WMT.

If the property is owned by a non-member of the WMT, then the WMT member must have the Nonmember Permission Form filled out, notarized, and filed with the WMT each season.
A workday is as a charitable service to a charity or organization approved by the WMT
Board of Directors, or volunteer work performed for the benefit of the Hilltop Lakes Wildlife
Team or Hilltop Lakes approved by the WMT Board of Directors.

For the most part, just asking around Hilltop's various organizations like the vol fire dept, dog kennel, horse stables, etc. When there is enough notice or by request, some opportunities will be posted in the WMT forums.
All hunting is archery only. Bow or crossbow only. No arrow guns. No air guns. No firearms. Essentially anything the TPWD manual defines as archery equipment.
All members, including anyone on a family membership that will actually hunt, must pass a shot accuracy qualification before hunting. The current requirement is: 3 out of 5 shots within a 5 inch circle at 20 yards.
No. All stands must be at least 6 feet off the ground as measured from the ground to the shooting platform. This is to ensure that every shot is at a downward angle to reduce potential ricochets.
No. As a MLDCO program, only tags issued under that program may be used. Tags are accessible to members during the season.
No. Does are the primary target. We are issued plenty of doe tags and only a few buck tags. Bucks may only be taken if you are issued a buck tag and have possession of a that tag.
Try not to. Buttons that have not broken the skin are considered anterless and a doe (antlerless) tag is used on them. However, our buck:doe ratio is out of balance here so the more bucks we can let mature, the better we will be long term. Double-check your target before taking the shot. Look at both ends if you can.
No. A tag must be completely and properly filled out before the deer is gutted or processed. You may transport your deer to the cleaning station and tag it there (the tags are there anyway), but until the tag is filled out, no gutting or processing may occur.

There is a video in the Resources section demonstrating the process.
Please do. Members may hunt hogs year round. You must still follow all WMT guidelines and procedures and be a current member of the WMT in good standing.
Yes. Trapping is allowed on your own property or property where you have been given permission and had that permission properly filed with the WMT. Snares, leg holds, jaw traps, or dogs are prohibited. You must still follow all WMT guidelines and procedures and be a current member of the WMT in good standing.
Unfortunately, no. The WMT was set up under specific guidance from the Hilltop Lakes POA for property owners only. As such, only members and/or immediate family as defined in the registration process are allowed to hunt under a WMT membership.
Protection for you and the WMT. Notarizing the forms that are authorizing a property to be part of the MLDCO protects the WMT in the case that inclusion is ever questioned. It also protects the member and other property owners from someone adding their property without their knowledge. In the case of non-hunter permission forms, it protects the WMT when including that property in the MLDCO and protects the member from facing any trespassing situations.
There is usually one at most banks. The Hilltop Lakes Water Dept has one most of the time. Oh, and the WMT usually keeps a board member current as a notary, so there will normally be a notary at the WMT meetings.
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